Tucson - Random Bits

A peaceful evening...the animals enjoying the view.

I didn't do much the entire week I was house-sitting. It was like the weekend every day. I just relaxed and tried to get back on a normal sleep cycle. It was nice to sleep in a real bed for a change. It was especially nice to be in a home instead of a hostel...to not have to worry about finding a bed for the night, paying for it and have to check out by 10:00 the next morning. To not have to worry about people stealing your food or a bottle of your favorite wine! Brown Brother's Dolcetto and Syrah. Good stuff...bubbly and sweet. I'm still bitter about my wine getting stolen in Auckland.

Looks like the neighbors are Metal Mulisha.

I'm all about biking as a form of transport. I love riding a bike, but I love it more because it doesn't run on petrol. It's free to ride a bike to the store..that is unless you put a hole in the tire. I was determined to take advantage of how flat Tucson is and use Comron's bike as much as possible. The first time I tried to take the bike out, it started to rain before I even got to a main road. The second time I took the bike out, I got a block further before I noticed a thorn in the front tire. So, the front tire was now completely flat, and I had to walk the bike back to the house. I got on the internet and learned how to patch a tyre. The next day I went to Target and got some tire levers and patches. It took me way too long, but I got the tire patched. Yay!! Good as new!

I went to Trader Joe's about every other day. It was much closer than the supermarket, and they have a nice place to park bikes. And the people there are really friendly. That's me with the green bag. I found the helmet at Goodwill.

Carrie and Comron are back from the Cook Islands (with a stop in New Zealand)! We went to Guadalajara Grill one night for dinner. Mmmm...I could go for some of that Tilapia I had that night. Yum!

Comron orders his manly drink.