Election Day Distractions

I'm seriously distracted today. I spent about two hours looking for jobs this morning. But now I can't concentrate. I'm so excited because it's election day! I went and got my free starbucks coffee today and now I'm wired. I have my Flash class tonight, so I need to go study. It's also distracting having my piano so close to my computer. I really like the piano song in the starbucks commercial, even though they clearly got their "inspiration" from Girl Effect. So I was trying to find out who wrote it because it sounds like Yann Tiersen, the guy who wrote the Amelie soundtrack. Turns out it's a guy named michael montes, who also has a song in a camera commercial you may have seen. It's a very easy song to learn, this took me about five minutes to figure out, thanks to youtube. I don't know if it's supposed to be this fast. This was right after I had my coffee.

Piano Test from craft berry on Vimeo.