We've moved! Moving took way longer than planned. My brother ended up spending an extra day and a half moving and cleaning up the old apartment. It was exhausting! We worked flippin' hard all weekend and monday and tuesday, morning 'til late in the evening. And the check engine light came on in my car the day we were moving. Plus it started making a loud noise. I took it to the shop on Wednesday. Conveniently, the auto shop is only a few minutes walk from the new apartment. Thursday they said they figured out the problem and the car would be ready Friday afternoon. Friday morning, they called and said the part wouldn't be arriving until monday. But they let me come pick up the car so I could have it for the weekend. Ugh....I hate cars. Not to mention I'm probably going to have to pay about $400 to get this thing fixed.

Good thing is Blacksburg is pretty small, so I can get just about anywhere by bike. I nearly had a spill yesterday when I tried to turn on to a driveway from the bike lane. The edge of the driveway was higher than expected and I lost control. There was some skidding and I lost my balance, but I managed to not hurt myself. However, there were two cops in the driveway talking to two people, and they were all looking at me kind of funny.

Here's my unsuccessful cinnamon raisin loaf. I replaced regular flour with whole wheat flour, and that just made the dough too dense. The cinnamon swirl tasted great, but the bread was too hard to eat. I also made a cherry and berry pie. That turned out much better.

I found this bread in one of the kitchen cabinets. Check out the date and how "fresh" the bread still looks. It was still soft. Two-year-old bread should not look like this.

I found this AWESOME CLEANER WITH BLEACH in the storage closet. It wasn't really that awesome.

Taking a pizza break on Monday night, the first day of moving.

The property management is very anal. Wax the floors? Yeah right, you should see how shitty the floors are. Really, I've stayed in nicer places and they weren't this anal.