Purikura and okonomiyaki, umai!

After spending some quality time with the police at Komatsu airport (see previous post), I was relieved to finally make it to Kanazawa station where I was to meet Kate. We met at Starbucks and went to get some okonomiyaki for dinner. Okonomiyaki is sometimes called "japanese pizza", but it's more like a pancake with lots of cabbage, some egg, dashi, green onions....it's a bunch of stuff mixed in a bowl. I got mine with cuttlefish (or squid, not really sure). You fry it, then top with sauce, japanese mayo, dried fish flakes. It looks strange, but it's awesome and very filling. My japanese friends made okonomiyaki a few times in New Zealand, so when Kate suggested it for dinner, I was all for it.

Kate trying to decipher the menu.

Our private booth and stove. Shoes off please...

After dinner, we went to the mall to get some mochi ice cream. Seriously delicious. We went to eat it in the Dessert Forest, the coolest food court I have ever seen. Then even had fake bird sounds.

Then we went and had some fun with a japanese photo booth. Why don't we have these here? They're so fun!

Some ultra-fashionable feet