Free Things

We found this great place where all the furniture is free!

We have a bookcase! Someone left a bunch of furniture on a street corner by our house. I went and snatched up the bookcase. Everything else was gone shortly thereafter. Free is nice.

It appears that it is my battery that is on its last legs. Hopefully it's just that and nothing more. I had not driven it in about 5 days. I decided to attempt to go somewhere on Saturday. Of course, it would not start. There was some dude walking around and he sort of helped me. You know, he's from the inner city somewhere and has a story, and needs to earn points by selling magazine subscriptions. This guy had a picture of his daughter. He also didn't have any front teeth. I was standing in front of my car with the hood open, and he came over "to help". And then he tried to sell me three years worth of magazines. He did scrape some of the gunk off my battery, which I think actually may have helped a little. After he left I tried a few more times, and finally got it started.