Tasmania - Port Arthur and Tasman Peninsula

I wanted to do a tour of Tasmanina since I had so little time. But with the exchange rate being so poor, I really couldn't bring myself to pay so much. So I settled on a three day tour of the east coast, beginning with the former prison colony of Port Arthur. I hadn't planned on visiting Port Arthur but I looked into it and decided it would be interesting. I found it very interesting, and surprisingly beautiful. We were there for 4 hours, but I could have spent some more time there. I've already forgotten all the dates and historical details, so look up wikipedia if you're interested. There was also a terrible massacre there in 1996, which I was not aware of. A crazy man shot and killed more than 30 people, so there's a nice memorial garden with what remains of the former cafe building.

Port Arthur is located on the Tasman Peninsula, which is in itself a gorgeous place.